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  • Hi Angela, sorry if my reponse sounded rude as it wasn't meant to be at all so please accept my apologies if that was the case. I have, in fact, had someone contact me with their e.mail address so I was able to send them the specifications, photos and price so we'll take it from there. I put it on the forum as some friends of mine moved from Side to Bulgaria and I thought from that, someone may just be interested. I didn't want to put photos and details on here so that's why I suggested they send their e.mail address. Thanks anyway Angela, and once again, my apologies. Garcia
    Sorry didn't finish that!.We've got a few friends around aide ao we like to visit and catch up.especially as we missed last year.don't think either of us would manage that breakfast you mentioned even if we sat there all day.might give it a go though.we get in on 29th may.you'll find us most of the time at sultan ay for food and ayhan of course known him for 12yr now.he's become a good friend.then adem at the red lion.heard the crowns good for night life now as well.will be hunting semra out.think shes in the cosmopolitan.if you want to meet up that would be good.not long now
    lynn and kev
    well.that's a srory we were booked in.the selge as we've stayed before and it's always auited our needs.we just like somewhere to rest our heads as we love to be out and about in side.but for some reason I looked on the reviews last week and was horrified qith the recent reviews!.We've now changed to the Pasha.couldn't think of anything qorae than staying all inclusive.sont think
    hi angela
    hows thinhs in side this year?,we're back in 7wks after missing last year!!!,just wondering if much has changed?
    Hi Angela

    I can see how great a help you have been on the forum, you mention abdullah for trips etc and give a number for him, does he operate out of a shop/stand etc? that I could visit. We go to Side for the first time on 1st July. I was in marmaris last year
    Hi, thanks for the info- I'm wondering why I'm sitting here in sub zero temps. when we have a beautiful home in Side AND could join Angela and co. Didn't realise food and drink was included for 30 euro!
    Hi Angela,

    Hope you enjoying your break with John & the bus ride was good & not too long. Really cold here, go the air con on hot!

    Just wanted to say thank you for saturday night, it was good to get out & meet some other english speaking people who made me feel so welcome. Maybe catch up with you before you go back to the uk.

    hello again angela.just been looking through all the threads and various messages on the forum.your villa caught our eye and also the trip to antalya on the 9 seater looked and sounded very interesting.bev and friend coming over in mid november for week so maybe they could view and take the trip.perhaps catch up with you one day in the future.not in side myself until next year.bevandpaul.
    hello angela only just joined the forum today.very interested in your knowledge of side.we have just bought an appartment at appollo hill and still learning about the area.bevandpaul.
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