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  • Thanks for the Atlas tip guys. 10 times is a good solid record so will try them next time as Blue kept me waiting 1 hour last time, though were prompt collecting the car on departure. Funny how some service companies are great - until they're not!
    Same thing with Reliance Property Care. This time a security lock had been snapped off during routine maintenance work and no apology or effort to repair despite informing them twice. Also brown wood stain splashed all over terrace tiles/white balustrades. Plus light left on and terrace door unlocked.
    Maybe it's still unrealistic to expect any better over there?
    Thanks Evo80, I have not been to Marmaris area for years. I usually go to Bodrum or Antalya area but thanks again for your quick reply
    I have ordered some syno vital off Amazon with delivery tomorrow so I will be trying it out for a month. I did notice some triple strength on sale,360 tablets for £32.00 approx, have you tried these? , the reviews for them read similar to the sachets .
    Dear Evo,

    I saw thsat in your message you mentioned a good lawyer in Turkey.
    I am buying an appartment in Istanbul and I am struggling to find a reliable lawyer.
    Would you know anyone?

    Many thanks,
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