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  • Good Morning George,

    I think you're confusing me with another member as I've been living full-time in Turkey 19 years and my British Pension only kicked in 6 years ago.
    I remember Paddington Bear (Sue) successfully claimimg Tax back on her pension just last year or maybe the year before. Check out her threads from her statistics on the Members List. You'll possibly find what you're looking for.

    Good Luck, Ann.
    Hello Ann,

    I seem to remember that sometime ago (years) you were successful in claiming back tax (on your pension) from HMRC.

    You also posted a link to the tax form that you used.

    Could you please send me the link to the form as I wish to claim back my tax as I have been non resident for a number of years.

    I tried searching the forum but was not lucky.


    I have a 4 bedroom villa at Sunrise Hill Side.
    We are cosidering letting July / August.
    Have you a contact name/ number who would be interested in looking after letting.
    Rgards BP
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