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  • hi stranger..... do you know the contact details of the solicitor the committee are using? my tapu is ready to process and i was hoping they might be able to sort it out for me.... my estate agent has had a falling out with tuna and are decidedly unhelpful... grrrr
    Hi Linda,

    we changed few companies for our developement in bitez during the past 3 years and use since 1 year a new management company. This is not to promote their business but I am impressed with the way they work and handle things. Especially they are very good with rental of properties aswell. Feel free to visit their webpage www.groupmrt.com
    Hi Sue,
    Yes, I'll tell her to call you again. Her telephone number is 0113 2909986 if you want to call her.

    Glad to hear your ok, hope Ibrahim is well.
    Hi Lynda Hope you are ok - I am fully recovered from my bug now - thank God
    Your Mum rang me last night but I think we got cut off - expected her to ring back but she didnt - i could not ring her cos she with held number !
    Please tell her to ring again --- thanks x
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