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    Altinkum over New Year

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to go/what to do for New Year in Altinkum? We spent New Year 2010 there and went to Pinnochios for the big night. There were only about 30 people there so it was a bit quiet. We had a good time but don't want to go down the party night route this time...
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    Anyone going to Didim/Altinkum this week?

    I was just wondering...... Is there anyone that is going to Didim/Aktinkum this week that could possibly take a legal document over to someone on the complex I have an apartment on? It is a document that needs to get to a solicitor via a friend on complex. I can send it by post but I am...
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    Thanks Shirleyann and Bev and Steve

    I have been using this forum for several years - i'm not one of the most active posters or thread starters but dip in most days for a look around. We got back from Turkey last week and before we went and whilst we were there I asked for some help and advice. Before we went I needed to get a...
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    21st birthday stuff

    Is there anywhere in didim/altinkum that sells 21st birthday stuff like banners etc? My daughter and son are at the airport in the uk on their way here and she has forgotten to pack them ready for a surprise party for my son next week grrrr :angry:
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    Medical Translation English to Turkish

    I have left this a bit late as we are flying on Saturday but i need to get a certificate advising of a medical condition translated. I have tried a search of the forum but couldn't find anything. I have tried Google translate but when I translate it back into English it comes out totally...
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    Lush restaurant

    Just to pass on some inside info = Lush restaurant lovely food! we have been going here for over 4 years now and it doesn't seem to get many mentions here. The food is fab and Unsal is a great host. The food is great and very reasonable-the steaks are wonderful. If u need it there is a car...
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    Reputable solicitor

    After reading the new legal column in this weeks Voices, I think the time has come to bite the bullet and get Turkish wills drawn up. We've put it off because of lots of conflicting advice but now think it'sq better to be safe than sorry. So the $64,0000 question is...wait for it...can anyone...
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    Day trip to Izmir

    My husband is keen to go on a day trip to Izmir when we come out in October. We are in Didim not far from the Ottagar so the journeys are not going to be a problem (hopefully). What is there to do/see when we get there? Ikea is out cos we're on a bus (shame!) so where's the best place to get...
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    water bills

    Hi Sunflowerians! Is there any sign of water bills yet? We opened a Halk bank account on 24th July and were told it would take a month to set up the direct debit so if any bill came in before the month was up we would need to go to the council (or our friends would!)and get it paid there. I...
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    Altinkum demolitions

    Just curious........ whats the situation regarding all of the businesses that had to knock down their canopies,frontages etc?? We were there at New Year and it looked pretty bad. Have they started to rebuild???
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    Aegean Flights -again!

    Just had an e -mail back from Aegean in response to an enquiry about winter flights. They said they may may not be running a winter schedule this year due to lack of interest in past years. If they are running a winter schedule the flights will be out on the website at the end on March. Can...
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    sunflower rental required

    We are looking for a 3 bed apartment to rent for our friends from 30th July 2010 until 13 August 2010. Can anyone help/suggest websites to look at etc thanks!!:hmm:
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    Garanti Bank - single use PINs and GSM phones

    Sorry if this has been covered but I haven't been on the forum for a couple of weeks. I have just tried to log onto my account on the internet in the UK and I get so far and a message comes up saying that it is a legal requirement since 01/01/10 to use single use PINs and to register a GSM...
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    Bank Statement

    Can anyone please tell me what the following mean on my bank statements ? I know they are charges of some sort as money has come out of my account but what they relate to I have no idea! "para yatirma" "2009 yili 1. yariyil hesap isletim ucreti" Thanks in advance!:help:
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    Kos Ferry

    Has anyone used this ferry?? Is it worth the money?? My friend and I are coming out in July and have thought about going to Kos for the day. What is there to see and do when we get there? How long do you usually have in Kos before you have to catch the ferry back? Is there a ferry back or is it...
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    Complex update

    We have just returned from a lovely week at Sunflower. Weather in the mid 30's and not too busy- no sunbed reserving!! There is a new owner running the bar - he has installed a large flat screen tv and says he has wireless internet. The gardens are looking good and the gardeners were there...
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    Aegean flights released early

    :Flower:I have just booked next years flights with Aegean (even though they aren't supposed to go on sale until tomorrow!). May - Whit week £186, August £191 and October £161.
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    Manchester -Bodrum flight for sale Half Term week

    My son isn't able to come with us because of an exam. The flight is booked with Aegean on Friday 22nd May 2009 leaving Manchester at 11:00am returning Friday 29th May 2009 at 07:30am from Bodrum. The flight cost £196 but we will accept £160 and we will pay for the name transfer. Please send a...
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    Dogs, dogs and more dogs!

    We have just got back from a great week in Altinkum - the weather was good apart from one cloudy day. This was our third visit this year (we started visiting in 06) and what really surprised me was the number of stray dogs and packs of dogs wandering around this time. I don't know if it's too...
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    Fake plants!!

    Does anyone know where I can buy fake plants eg palms, ferns etc in altinkum/didim I have an aprtment in Sunflower so directions :der: from there would be great!