21st birthday stuff


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Is there anywhere in didim/altinkum that sells 21st birthday stuff like banners etc? My daughter and son are at the airport in the uk on their way here and she has forgotten to pack them ready for a surprise party for my son next week grrrr

Sarah my wife and I are coming out to didim on Thursday night, if you want I could bring some out with us and meet you on Friday to drop them off to you. Up to you. Let me know and if you want me to bring them out with us, let me know what you need. Regards steve.


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Hi Steve

That would be brilliant thank you. All we need is a pack of balloons with 21 on, a banner, a candle(s) that is a 21 and a pack of table confetti if that's ok. We are in sunflower apartments up behind tansas and right next door to the new Kipa but if that's out of your way let me know where you are and we will come to you.

Thanks once again you are a lifesaver!!


Hi sarah, I've tried pm you but I don't know if its gone or not. We will see you Friday at 12pm at didim bus satation. Regards bev and steve.