Bound to say nearness and as a result very cheap flight prices allowing infinitely more visits is a def advantage.

Nipping over next week with a mate for my first " gentlemens imbibing break"
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Another great trip to my new place

Excellent welcome for my " return"- though one local swears my Valenciano is getting worse as I learn-not better!!!

Had a mate from Belfast with me for a few days so the craic was ninety

I know I preach you really need to be careful with your drinking due to prices/availability but for a wee one off boozey trip it was an amazing mini break

24-26 degrees for whole trip-arrived 2330 last night into a blizzard at Belfast airport. Sooner I ditch this place the better, lol!!!!


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Being close to Channel Tnnl ( 45 mins ) , Easy drive to Spain without air port Hassle .Done it about 3 times stopping off at Paris /Lyon/Perpignan sightseeing en route .900 miles to Palamos.
Yeah did the run Belfast to Valencia region last year

Nowhere near as daunting as I thought and ferries- esp Pompey-Spain were superb. Then on arrival in Spain roads are excellent so was great having my own car there
Can't see me needing to do that trip again but the best one is the one that goes on Sunday night. You have that night good kip, day on ship Monday arriving early Tues morning giving you all day to travel through Spain
Am being dispatched alone to Valencia this week on a whirlwind visit chiefly as porter , sherpa,

I can only hope I am not chosen for bags opened out on the counter as I would be the laughing stock if Belfast airport

Items include a 3 foot tall pottery rabbit complete with dungarees outfit and brightly coloured carrots

Grrr, grunt, grumble