Anyone going to Didim/Altinkum this week?


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I was just wondering...... Is there anyone that is going to Didim/Aktinkum this week that could possibly take a legal document over to someone on the complex I have an apartment on? It is a document that needs to get to a solicitor via a friend on complex. I can send it by post but I am worried that it will get there late (if it gets there at all).

If anyone can help please help can they pm me.

Also, just in case I have to send it by post, what's the best way to send a document from the uk to Turkey so that it a) gets there and b) quickly?




martin m

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Hi Beyasbayan.
Could you tell us who you use, as theirs loads on the market and if Sarah needs to use one it may be better to get a recomended one.
Used UPS it was a lot of documents in a file weighed about 5 kilos and think the cost was 50 euros for next day delivery to Bristol, 1.5 years ago.
Hi Sarah,
John & I are going over on Sat. next - 21st. However, my sister in law & family are going to Yesilkent on Mon. 23rd & we will be meeting up with them on Tues. 24th. Are either of these any good to you? It depends on how quickly you need to get it there.
Cheers, John & Mary Clare E5.


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Hi Mary Clare
I have just literally had a phone call from someone we know locally who saw the post who is going out on Saturday. Thank you for your kind offer.


Sarah x