Chasey new from Kent

Hi all

I am new to the site and hoping to learn a lot for our proposed move to Turkey in 2020.

We bought a villa in 2008 in Augustus village just outside Tasagil between Siric and Side. We have decided to retire there in 2020 aged 55 and simply cant wait.

When we bought we gambled on Turkey getting in the EU but sadly that's all over now so we are faced with the trials and tribulations of moving us and our stuff out here and living at the whim of a government decision on our visa. Which is a great shame but not something we want to put us off.

Tried to put a pic up but it wont let me :(

Look forward to talking to you all and meeting some of you soon




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Welcome to the forum Chasey, there are loads of really helpful folk on here, with a wealth of info and advice.

Good luck with your move, I did it a short while ago and have to say that we love it. Cheaper cost of living, loads of sunshine, we feel safer here and healthier too.


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Welcome to the forum Chasey. We moved here from Kent 14 years ago. Must admit Turkey joining the EU or not didn't enter our minds when making the decision to live here. Its a good life.