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Re: Buying costs

Right as promised some buying cost for you all:

Agency commision: 3% buyer 3% seller for resales however usually the seller gives a net price that they want in thıer pocket and the commission is added to that.
New developments usually the commission is paid by the developer to the agent so if the agents are telling you there is commision on top then they are having you away BUT note this only applies in the resorts in cities like Antalya developers rarely pay more than 3% commission as they have a much bigger local market and dont need foriegners to sell to.

Purchase tax is 3% on the declared price of the property, This again should be 1.5% to buyer and 1.5% to seller however as before resales want net price so the buyer ends up with this one and developers rarely pay it as well so ussualy the buyer pays the full whack. I will not get into a debate about declared prices here- its a whole different thread.

Lawyer this one is variable but around 200 GBP sometimes more to 300 GBP is reasonable.

Noter around 70 to 100 YTL so 30 to 43 GBP
translater at Noters 30 YTL per page or 12 GBP per page.
Please note if you put the purchase price in the noters contract there is a Stamp tax of 1.5% on the value recorded so if you dont want to pay that then in the noters papers dont have it in but make sure it is in the lawyers papers.

Maps obviously because of the land law changes these havent been done for some time now so will have to get updates, but I have to say that where people were getting rushed upto 400 GBP for this in Fethiye prior to the suspension of the sales we were not getting charged a penny here in Antalya.

Document processor - this is the guy who stands in the ques all day at the Tapu office and gets all the paperwork stamped ready for you to get the tapu in Antalya about 40 to 50 GBP and believe me hes worth every penny of this unless you want to get the run around.

Translator for the tapu exchange is 50 GBP approx as he has to come out to the tapu office for this, and is a legal requirement.

So you now own your property whats next??

Habitation certificate ( or ferdi İskan ) this is a variable and goes on the declared Value again but for most of you allow up to 400GBP. This is a one off payment on a new property and if you are buying a resale make sure the property has this, NO CERTİFİCATE NO BUY as if there hasnt been a ferdi iskan then technically the utillity connections etc to the property are illegal. And now there is a crackdown on this.

Council tax this is levied at between 0.1% and 0.3% of the value of the property and depends on if it is new (Lower for first 5 years) or older. So for most of you allow 100GBP per year. This is paid twice yearly and be fair people its probably less than you pay for a month in the UK.

Telephone connection free then line rental of 3 GBP per month plus call cost.
broad band 49YTL per month or 22 GBP
Electric connection New build 75.75YTL or about 30 GBP Resale 23.15 YTL or a tenner.
Water connection new build 156 YTL or 67 GBP resale 26.57 YTL or 11 GBP.

So how many of you out there have paid more than this then??

Earthquke Insurance Variable on the size of the property, but typically less than 100GBP per year and its compulsory.

Hope that helps you and if I have missed anything let me know. :36:
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