Fines for Tapu

Apologies if this has been mentioned before, but Ive read about people being fine 1000TL if they don’t get their Tapus sorted out.

I read residents who have been issued with a tapu with a cross in the middle box need to obtain a certificate of habitation from the Belediye to support the process for the tapu to be ticked in the left hand box.

Once armed with a certificate of habitation, residents need to decide on how they go about getting the final process completed.

We had the Cross in the middle of our Tapu, and the Company who we bought the Apartment from got the Tapu changed for us to the left hand side.

The Tapu is exactly the same as the Original one we received but this new one does not have our photos on it.

I have 2 questions hopefully you will be able to help me with?
Firstly is this new Tapu legit? And secondly do I need to do anything else with it? Because it mentioned getting the final process completed, if so what is the final process?

Lez Zetli

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We had a similar worry about a Tapu with no photos on it and asked the Tapu manager. He said that it was not a requirement as all of the information needed to prove ownership was on their computer / files. But some people liked to have a photo on them and if they want they can! :)

The process is similar in principle to UK when you're getting a house built. Briefly:
  • You start with a Tapu for a piece of land.
  • You get planning permission for a house.
  • You build the house.
  • The council comes round to check that what you've built conforms with what you got permission for.
  • They check that all required services have been connected and then they give you permission to live in it.
  • You update your tapu to include the house on it.
Many people over many years didn't bother with the last item, to save money. About three years ago the government tried to force everyone to comply by putting an end date on getting it done, with a fine for those who didn't.
Then they backtracked.
The bit I don't know is what the current position is! But we decided to do it anyway about two years ago as the surveyors' fees and other charges wasn't so bad then, and it wouldn't become an issue when we come to sell.
Thanks very much Lez. Very helpfull. How much would you think it would cost me. I have a 2 bedroom apartment on a complex , and we paid £28500 on completion in 2007.

Lez Zetli

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Thanks very much Lez. Very helpfull. How much would you think it would cost me. I have a 2 bedroom apartment on a complex , and we paid £28500 on completion in 2007.
A couple of years ago when we did it is was no more than 100 lira per property, I really can't remember the true amount because it wasn't significant. But as I say, I don't know the present situation.
Cheers Lez,
When I'm out in a couple of weeks I will enquire, and sort it out when I'm back out in September/October if its not to much.
I would have thought I would have had more feed back on this issue, because I would have thought their must be loads of People who have not sorted it out?


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Who was your builder and why have they not sorted this out,I don't want to panic you but there are loads of distressing stories out there you must act swftly


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Hi Steve, we are going through the process now, the prices quoted to me are-
300 TL to have a surveyor draw up plans for our block of apartments (we are a 2 bed in a
block of 6, and this is the price for the whole block)
Some tax - less than 50tl
Possibly interpreter cost?

Still going through the process so final costs not to hand.
Hi BruceK, Thanks for your reply. I found it very helpful.Thanks you. We are in a block of 9, 2 of which are English. I will speak to the oyher English couple and see if he knows about it and see if he wants to go halves.


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When we finally had our Habitation early last year our Emlak who we bought from sorted all that out for us, another Tapu with the tick in the right box and didn't charge us anything PS a good Emlak shouldn't charge you anything to get all you paper work sorted out the cost of all that should be included in your price you paid for your property.
Thanks Briand,
So do you think they would have already had a surveyor draw up plans for our block of apartments.
As we now have the x in the correct box?


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Not sure why someone found my last post unhelpful, we bought from the developer who has long since departed the scene, leaving the Tapu in the Kat Irtifaki stage, therefore we are trying to get the process finalised ourselves, as may be many others who may be in the same position. Is the person brave enough to give the reason?

Lez Zetli

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Not sure why someone found my last post unhelpful, ....
Don't worry about it, personally I thought that is was helpful as you are going through it now and are in a position to give up to date information.

For Steve; it's not clear cut as to whether your emlak, developer or anyone else should have included this in his prices; you get what you agree to, nobody is responsible for it except you, so you have to be sure what services you agreed to. I've bought and sold several times and the last step in the process was never completed; in my experience, in a non-tourist area, the emlak doesn't do it unless you ask him to and pay extra for.