food update

Hi just an update from my last thread, i was looking were to buy any English foods and thanks to saffie and a few other i am getting a food parcel sent in the next few days. A very nice shop keeper has said he will post to anywhere in Turkey so if you missing a few home comforts pm me and i will send you his email. After i emailed him he sent a whole list of food goods and the price also the cargo was cheap too.
He is also looking at getting more good.
Got some even better news for you Emma...........

Kubilay at Engin's has got more products coming including Marmite,Mustard picallili,Mint sauce,cranberry sauce,horseradish sauce, and is currently sourcing Oxo cubes,Robinsons fruit drinks,Lime cordial,blackcurrant cordial,tea bags and whole lot more. He is busy going through all the catalogues as we speak.

I went down today and he was really happy to have got me Oatibix,oatibix flakes and crunchy bites.( I was even happier!!) Any requests just PM me and I will happily go down and let him know what people are wanting.He will cargo to anywhere in Turkey and it's not expensive.

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Kalın deriliyimdir
You can get powder in Carrefour/Migros. Called Sicak Cikolata and comes in sachets. You can also get it ready made up in a carton and you just heat it and it is also called Sicak Cikolata.

The sachets are usually with the coffee and the cartons are next to the long life milk.