For a friend

When someone passes away we always hear the words of, he was a nice bloke or she was a good woman. Recently this forum lost a "good bloke".
Its not really fair for me to go into detail but only yesterday did I hear of the passing of Bryan.
I can only say this: I met him & his wife on many occasions & remember like it was only yesterday Bryan & Pat coming to our villa for a BBQ.
Its a sad loss of a "good bloke", my deepest sympathies go out to Pat & the family.
Look after Pat "Sunflower Apartments" (as I know you will).
RIP mate.
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Just passing through
I didn't know Bryan or Pat, but I often wonder when people just seem to stop posting and disappear, have they just left the forum or have they in fact left for what hopefully is for a better place but maybe because no-one either really knows them enough or notices enough to comment on.
Not sure of the circumstances but he had been wheelchair bound for years but such a positive attitude of life.
ALWAYS a coffee or a beer on offer when I went to see them both, it could not have been easy for either of them but never did it show from them.