gocek doctor ?


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A friend of mine in Gocek has been having really severe hayfever like symptoms along with lack of sleep .Tried anti histamines but not having much effect .
Any advice on local Doctors would be appreciated .
Personal experience location contact details please
A precautionary check up needed .

Was your friend there a couple of weeks ago when we had all the dust from Libya?? Since then I've been really bad with what I thought at first was hayfever, but antihistamines just didn't work. I've been feeling seriously unwell. On Monday I saw the doctor at our local clinic - I have a nasty upper-respiratory infection, like quite a few others here. The Doc was pretty sure it was caused by the dust. I'm now taking antibiotics along with 2 nasal sprays, and am on the mend.

There are hospitals at Ortaca and Fethiye; you can just walk in and see a doctor.


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She arrived on April 2.
sounds very similar .
She lives in Gocek so either clinic would be good .

Thank you I will pass on your message .
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