Good Mornıng Folks.


To Young to be This Old
Hi There.
It's with great pleasure for me (probably not for one or two) that I am back on TLF.
These last months or so have been very different without TLF in my morning routine.
First, let me say that Mushtaq was quite right in banning me for my insulting outburst on the thread about the Newcastle Grooming gangs.
So I would like to put it on record that I sincerely apologize to Mushtaq and anyone else that was offended by my insulting and Racist remarks.
There are no excuses for Racist behaviour, but on saying that, my family was not involved directly with the gangs in Rochdale but we knew the Taxi rank and Kabab shop involved and it was on our doorstep, a bit too close to home.So on reading and debating the thread about the Newcastle Gang, I let my mouth get the better of my head.My old Mother-in-Law used to say ''Leased said, soonest Mended'' pretty good advice for an old sod like me.
I would like to thank the members that came out in my defence and vouching for me and to Jaycay for keeping me informed of what was going on, on TLF.
Its good to be back folks, and I promise to play nice, well nice-ish.


Postless Pointer
I fear Trev that sometimes we few on " those " threads were responsible , for a degree , of provocation .

To see your return , couched in the most polite and courteous terms gladdens me .

Welcome back Trev .



African refugee
Good to see you out of the naughty corner again Trev you are now a bona fide reborn TLFer – indeed the phoenix arises from the ashes! :roundgrin


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Good to see you back on the forum Trev :)

Hopefully we will see the return of the other victims of the night of the long knives banning's, back on here soon too.


African refugee
I think you were about to say “miy poshtallion znimavsya”.

Doesn’t look like Russian or Ukrainian, if it’s Bulgarian it would be моят пратеник ме е страх = “my messenger I'm afraid”.

There’s a moral to this story, if at first you don’t succeed then give up!

Anyway the thought is much appreciated :)


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Hi, i've been off the forum for a while. look like I missed a lot of drama. I guess the thought of mouth-watering kebabs brought me back here.