Hi from a local.

Hi. I used this forum once when I wanted to buy a property in Turkey. Now I came across with this forum again after 4 yrs.

I am a 40 yrs old, Turkish, male. I am a Msc. civil engineer, company owner, acting in construction business, . I am currently in Ankara.

My aim is to help foreigners for their questions as much as I can. I lived 10 yrs in Russia, so I know how hard to live in another country.


Days On The Beach in Side
How very kind of you to offer to help us Forum members ... much appreciated ... but what is your name please? Mike and I live in Side and have never visited Ankara - by choice I would have to say - because it seems like a busy place with lots of traffic and, as it is inland, obviously no beach for us to enjoy. Do you like it there? x Angela in Side x
my name is written under personal info section (if access is not restricted by admin) anyways. My name is Barış. I am a Turk, born in Ankara. my company is established in Ankara, and my parents are in ANkara too. These are only reasons of livin here. No joy, yes correct. Nothing special here for a foreigner. Even for tourists, there are limited places to visit. My wife is Russian; she doesn't want to go on livin far from sea so, I ll move to a city at İzmir - Mersin coastal region within 1-2 yrs. Construction is a quite flexible business, so I am not obliged to live in Ankara till end of my life :)