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I have decided that I'm putting my house on the market here in the UK and plan to move to turkey early next year to retire at the grand old age of 50. Can anyone either help me or suggest someone who's serviced I can employ to take me through step by step what I need to do. I have been researching this for about a year and I'm completely lost. What I'd anything can I start from this end. Thank you for any assistance or advice . Mark
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Two important things Wadner. Do not invest a substantial amount of money in Turkey, get it offshore somewhere. Do not buy a property yet. Rent for a year and spend a lot of time talking to fellow ex-pats and on this forum.


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Do you know where in Turkey you would like to re-locate to? Have a look at Side which has the 2nd longest sandy beach in all of Turkey - lots of Roman ruins - a Saturday market and lots of shops bars and restaurants. I am selling my apartment there now for just £45000 = <br /> <b>Notice</b>: Undefined variable: z in <b>/home/sideestate/domains/</b> on line <b>5</b><br /> in <br /> <b>Notice</b>: Undefined variable: z in <b>/home/sideestate/domains/ and one of the best guys in Side is Sukru who can talk you through anything you wish to know. You can email him on


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H&#305; Mark.
F&#305;rstly,why Turkey and whereabouts.
Pr&#305;ces are r&#305;s&#305;ng faster than the UK.Rents and food.
Do not buy,f&#305;nd a well-furn&#305;shed appt for L&#305;v&#305;ng &#305;n not hol&#305;day furn&#305;shed,then after say 12 months you l&#305;ke &#305;t Buy or carry on rent&#305;ng,&#305;ts a buyers market at the moment and w&#305;ll be for a wh&#305;le yet.
Health &#305;nsurence &#305;s needed and expens&#305;ve SGK and Pr&#305;vate.But you can't get SGK t&#305;ll you have been here 12 months.
You w&#305;ll need a Res&#305;dents Perm&#305;t.
Do what I d&#305;d,I spent months go&#305;ng through TLF and not&#305;ng down all the adv&#305;ce.
Come and spend a couple of months here research&#305;ng &#305;t then make your m&#305;nd up and take the plunge.
Many members on here have been and gone,some are st&#305;ll here.There &#305;s a wealth of adv&#305;ce and &#305;nfo on th&#305;s s&#305;te,use &#305;t.Ask we are always here to help.
Good luck &#305;n your dec&#305;s&#305;ons.
There is a lot of information on Doc Martins facebook page for the Bodrum area or for the Kusadasi area there is the Foreign Citizens Advice Centre. Both can give you free independent advice.

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A few things that we did .....keep a UK bank account (we have 2) one Nationwide that my pensions go into and we can draw sterling out at ATMs without any charges (it's the Nationwide flex account) and the other is our old Natwest account with just a few quid in it (the reasons for keeping this, is twofold) ...first you cannot open a UK bank account if you are full time resident in Turkey , but you can open an account before you leave the UK and notify them that you will leave a family member's address as your contact address (we actually sold up and lived with our daughter for a year while I waited for a minor op, so we changed our address over then )
The second reason for keeping the Natwest account is if we book flights, I always use my access card (even though I have the ready cash, as we got stung by a firm going bump many years ago but got our money back because the credit card was liable)
The only other thing I did money wise, was notify the DWP and taxman


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Just do it, but don't burn your bridges.
At age 50 you will need to provide healthcare insurance for yourself and any other family members, so check out the private insurance from postings on this site; do a search from the red top bar on the screen.
Don't be seduced by the interest rates available in Turkish banks, and imagine that you can live the life of Riley. If you are going to rely on this for income, assess your cashflow based upon HALF the available and bank the rest for a rainy day. There's a long term move to reduce rates significantly.
Lots more I could say but there are many better qualified on TLF.
Last bit of advice - Go for it, enjoy and live every day like it's your last!


To Young to be This Old
Just to add Mark.
It was always my dream to come and l&#305;ve &#305;n Turkey.Now Im l&#305;v&#305;n &#305;t.Not many can say that.
Consider keeping your house in the Uk and renting it out. You will be able to rent something in Turkey much cheaper, have some left over for living and minimise the risks.


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Two important things Wadner. Do not invest a substantial amount of money in Turkey, get it offshore somewhere. Do not buy a property yet. Rent for a year and spend a lot of time talking to fellow ex-pats and on this forum.
Pay mucho attention to this Member, he speaks great advice, listen to Dwight and others of a like mind and you can have a long and happy life in Turkey, good luck for your future sojourn in Turkey. :cheers:


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Definitely keep a property in the UK. even if only a bedsit to let. If you need to return to the U.K. for any reason you have somewhere to stay and have that all important address. The advise to rent for a year or so is a very good one. It's cheap to rent long term and if you don't like the area, it's easy to move on. Good luck.
The best thing you can do to help you settle in Turkey is to learn the language. OK, it's not easy, but even a little comprehension will increase your confidence and help you to avoid many pitfalls.

It was not practical for us to keep a property in the UK and we didn't do so (everyone's situation is different) but renting till you are sure where you want to buy makes a lot of sense.

Oh and join Doc Martin's group on Facebook and read the files he has stored there before coming back with any questions. Pretty much all you need to know is in those files.

It's not all that hard to get everything into place. You just need to research, read files, ask specific questions and take a systematic approach (and don't expect stuff to stay the same or happen as quickly as you might desire).
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