Just another day in paradise....


How many of you remember the Phil Collins hit, ‘Just another day in Paradise?' The line ‘Oh Saturday night' and I am checking what is on TV, a decent book to read or whenever my Internet connection is up and running. Yes, I like to wiggle and shimmy, have a few drinks and let my hair down, meet up with friends and have a good gossip and all things normal people do to relax at the weekend.

Unfortunately, Hisaronu and to an extent Ovacik has been overtaken by mindless Brits who have one thing in common and that is to show the Turkish people what a bunch of, ill-mannered, crass idiots we have become. I have no problem with those who have a few drinks and good naturedly banter and joke with the Turks, or those that are obviously the worse for wear and can be seen attempting to stand horizontal, whilst the friend, partner, wife propels them in the direction of home. Hey, they are on holiday.

My problem is with those that descend on a bar or club, shout because they think the Turks cannot understand them (not surprising with the amount of booze they put away) and draw attention to themselves, as only the Brits can. It is a disease that is virulent; affecting not just the younger generation but all sexes and ages.

With the male, the symptoms begin with wearing shorts, trainers and nothing else. A shaven head and numerous tattoos normally appear at the onset. This is accompanied by a usually hairy beer belly (8-9 months pregnant size). Female symptoms are even easier to spot and a lobster red skin, longish bleached blonde hair, the contents of Selfridges Max Factor slap counter, a piece of material (known amongst the younger generation as a top) which is worn somewhere in the middle of the body, allowing the breasts to take someone's eye out and a matching belt. 3-4 inch heels on which one can totter completes the symptoms.

With this disease, the voice raises a few hundred decibels, the language spews out as gutter or just profanity and the sufferer has delusions that they are important. One sad and regretful symptom is that a kiddie or two are usually included in the group.
It is not Saturday night in Paradise; in fact no night now is Paradise. I cringe when I see them coming, avoid my favourite haunts in season and sadly admit that I do not admit ever, to being British. Yes, if you are here on holiday please let your hair down, after all you have more than likely worked hard all year to afford your precious two weeks, but please avoid catching the disease. I am British, live here all year round and know a lot of Turkish people very well. I go out of my way to show them that apart from my place of birth, I am no different to them. Sadly whilst the Turks are very patriotic and moralistic Britain as a nation seems hell bent on enforcing the idea that we are all are mindless morons.


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I agree with you entirely on the above. I only hope the Turkish authorities get this in hand before it gets out of hand, look what happens in spain! and also in Cyprus Aiyanapa (spelling)much better to nip it in the bud.


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why go to turkey or spain ,i see this every friday and saturday in our town and god help us if we go for a meal to our local turkish or indian restaurants


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lol MTC

You have such a way with words!!!! I am only guilty of one of the above and my handsome hubby says my voice gets higher as the gin settles with my tuc crackers and strong cheddar cheese as I relax in the garden or when in Turkey....on the terrace. I don't mouth off and if I did I'm certain I would be thrown in to a taxi if not divorced!!



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MTC, totally agree. If you want to act as you may do at home, why go away? When in Rome (Turkey!) and all that. Anna, also agree, if not the nearest taxi, certainly the roof of the nearest Dolmus,divorced and exiled back to Ireland! What a nightmare!


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:) I'll tell you what ticked me off when I was in the bars in Altinkum - the Brits who live there shouting 'I live here, I want a special price, I'm not paying tourist prices' It sounded really arrogant.



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You're obviously referring to the Dobbers and the SSSers.

We're proud to be TURKLISH. A long way from mastering the TURKish but don't want to be EngLISH.

Isn't it funny how so many of the Turkish lads want to go to England. And, the few that have been there, don't want to go there again?


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Will it not be worse this weekend? I'm sure around this time the Hisar festival is on. Last year you couldn't move because of the howds of people.

During the day we found it a lovely place to walk around, but at the night it mostly certainley does come alive. We were there in May/June so what must it be like in July/Aug

It also doesn't help when you have certain apartments competing with each other to see who can have the loudest music on:(


Hi Jeanne:D
I think most of the entertainment is in the day, but the attraction will most certainly bring swarms of the undesirables into Hisar saturday night :(
July/August does become worse(If that is possible:()and that is when I usually get into hot water.[}:)]
The male of the species assume because you are English you want to talk or rather shout back at them and the female that you are an obstacle in their race to get laid(excuse my common expression!)[:0]by as many Turks as possible.
Last year in the Zombie,I had to be dragged away from a pint size bimbo who managed to whack me with her handbag and pour her beer all over me.Why did she pick on me? I was dancing with a male friend who happened to be Turkish and I suppose to her bedding material.:(She was very lucky not to get my Argoose hot pink stilleto embedded in her beer soaked little brain.
I have noticed this year,that the Turkish men are begining to wake up and smell the coffee.Apart from the famous Bar men who quite frankly behave in the same manner, only not getting drunk, the average Turkish boy/man on the street now stay well away from these screaming harpies.:D
Vordemont admits to despising them and hating english girls in particular. Lol if I point out that I am English, he says No you are not one of them.The general opinon on the street is they are ok for jiggy jig ;) but then they walk.Preferbably 10 mins later.
Heheee, I refer to the girls/women as Eiffels.:D[}:)][8D]


Hi Navan & Mag:D
OOOh now is this an Irish affliction? I ask because I was with a turkish friend at a party :)and one of the british (Irish) female guests expressed her interest in him.She was with her partner and I thought she was playing with fire.As the night wore on,her voice got higher and higher until she was screeching like a banishee. It was hilarous :D
Poor Recep who earlier had been very interested in his admirer, sat there looking miserable and muttering 'OH my god' I don't want to know, please don't give her my phone number!':D[}:)][8D]


Trevor and me too :(
I live here and do get preferential treatment;)but I never ask for or demand it. It happens because after 16years, hey they know me! I would never demand a lower price simply because I live here.It dosen't happen in Britian, so why should we expect special treatment here? Whilst I do pay the local price :D[}:)][8D]I'm the MTC who makes a cakes,buys fruit,shares my ciggys and teaches them MTC'S english :D[}:)][8D]What you give, you receive.:D[}:)][8D]


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Bid Sis, unfortunately they are everywhere, town in the evenings over here and probably most holiday resorts worldwide. Not too many in Turgutreis but up the road in Gumbet [:0][:0][:0] The last time we went there we saw a young girl who was absolutely drunk as a lord and her skirt (belt) had ridden up and she either forgot to or chose not to wear underwear that evening. DISGUSTING :(:(



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh Yyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuck [:0]You just put me right orf me peanut butter sarnie sis :(Oh well, saves on washing I suppose.:D[}:)][8D]


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Jen, is it this Saturday the Hisaronu 'carnival'? didn't see any signs stretched across the road, Hubby the party animal loves Hisaronu in the summer, the more noise the better for him (57 going on 18, but isnt that most men), He begs me to go to 'Timeout' fat chance!!! By th time I reach the PTT I am visiably shaking begging to go home.
I tend to look for something quieter where I can chat (45 going on 60), dont get me wrong love Hisaronu during the day just browsing the shops and chatting to the locals (if you can find them), but night...... the zombies come to life!!!


Say goodbye my own true lover, as we sing a lovers song, It will break my heart to leave you, now the carnival is gone...............all together now, Like a drum my heart is beating and my tears Ok, ok:DYes Lorraine it is this saturday (28th).There were no banners up yesterday,but I expect they will go up tomoz or thursday.
I love the Time-out but have stayed away ever since the incident with the drugs[:0]and my own principles that it is entirely wrong to have 5 & 6 year old little girls, dancing on the bar with half naked cavorting harpies.:(
Maybe we should swop partners? Vordemont is 22(shut up you lot![:p])going on 50 and I am over 21 but as the kids say 'act your age mother, not your shoe size'[:0]If you are going on saturday, maybe we could meet up in say the Honeymoon Ressie?:D[}:)][8D]


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I have always loved Hisaronu too my son in law works there and we have been going there twice a year for two years, but I really noticed the differance last year. It seemed a lot nosier than usual the restaurants and bars all seemed to be out doing each other to see who could play the music the loudest. You are dead right about some of the brits though, I would die if either of my daughters wore the lack of clothes these girls wear and the language from both sexes is appaling.

maria x


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The Bar street area of kusadasi.
The police cameras can tell a few storys
nobody would believe the antics of some of the younger tourists..
Only last year one decided it would be fun to urinate from his hotel balcony in broad daylight in front of some turkish women..
Police had to lock him up for is own protection.

The new craze is to rent motor bikes and to go around the city screaming like wolves.
showing ther backsides.at 4 am in the morning..

İ have recently invested in a bow and arrow??
They are most welcome to visit my area..
They want forget there vacation in a hurry.
im glad that alanya doesnt attract brits (on holiday) in large numbers....so the worst extremes of bad taste are not exhibited here. Maybe because they are outnumbered by other europeans...and while the Fins can out-drink the brits they never cause many problems.
last week one of the local papers had a pic on the front page of a young girl in scanty clothes dancing on the top of a bar....and hey ..this is a big town ..yet it was featured in the Alanya news. the locals dont like it.
i remember Hisaronu from some years ago when Yusufs bro-in-law had a boutique in Olu. What a change now. Same with Marmaris and Bodrum.

For nights out we go to Dedikodu nightclub in the harbour..its turkish ..live music and dancing and full of young and old turks who know how to enjoy themselves without shaming themselves.


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:eyeye:too true bring back the turkey a lot of us fell in love with like altinkum in the early days.wow what a change for the better my opinion no but for others i guess this is what they want are it wouldnt have happened some times i think we spoil evrything we touch.but i guess its just progress......
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I am not old but wise
The best night I have had in Hisar was in Nov 2005 at a wedding and boy do the Turkish know how to enjoy themselves plenty of drink and ALL FUN it was great even had a meal in the Piano Bar fantastic without us tourists, but unfortunatley we are a necessary evil. Dont get me wrong I am NOT standing up for the lager louts and I agree with all you have said and lets hope the WRONG element do buggar off to Spain (sorry Spain) and leave Turkey for people to enjoy who can also RESPECT the fact that they are visitors to a foreign country.