Leaking water tank

Does anyone in the Side Kemer area know of someone who can fit a new water tank etc. We have had two plumbers, visit three times between them, paid both times, and problem still not sorted. Think we may need a new tank etc but who do you trust to do the job? Any ideas


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Stuart is correct as many probs are the ballcock.
Where is leak:
A joint?
The tank?
Or just overflowing?
I had the opposite several times with ballcock sticking and not refilling the tank.
A dunt to unstick it or a new ballcock usually solved it.
Tanks don't last long out there.........if its the actual tank itself that's leaking, just put a new one in, once they start going its.........end of. If its an overflow spilling out, then its not the tank itself.
My husband is a retired plumber, (I won't let him on the roof), so we know exactly what is wrong, but cannot find anyone reliable to quote for a new tank. Siggestions please.