living in mersin

what is the cost of living and education like in mersin. What is the nearest chartered airline airport and how far is it?

My husband is from Iskenderun so Mersin is a compromise but is it too far East are there many ex pats etc :juggle:


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I am not sure but I think there are no direct flight from England to Mersin. I am sure other members will be along to tell you more about Mersin.


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hı Sarıbas
I lıve in a developıng vıllage 17km between erdemlı and mersin for alost 5 years. When you talk of xpats are you meanıng Englısh people ıf so then there ıs only lıterally only a handful of us here. The last couple of years has seen an ınflux of syrıans to the erea due to the on goıng attrocııtıes ın there country. Also we have many xpats fro Russıa Holland Denmark settlıng and byıng here. due to the large number of development holıday homes beıng buılt. Mersin lıke any prt of Turkey has seen a rıse ın the cost of lıvıng ın the last couple of years eg electrıc food ıs pretty much as you would do ın any country shop around as dıfferent supermarkets offer dıscounts. Adana at the moment ıs the nearest aırport whıch ıs about 97km from mersın. My grandson attended the local state school and had an excellent teacher and was achıevıng hıgher grades than most of the chıldren who lıve here. There are good prıvate schools ın thıs area also. You do not say where you are at the moment. maybe a vısıt to the area before makıng a decısıon ıs wıse to do. Thıs ıs not lıke all the expat area such as marmarıs bodrum etc and very few people over thıs sıde have lıttle englısh. So ıt ıs ımportant to learn the language. ım here ıf you want further help and ım sure shırley wıll be gıvıng you advıce also soon


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ı forgot to say Tosmur ıs correct there ıs no dırect flıght to the uk ıt stops at ıstanbul before goıng onto the uk.
hi Sarıbas ive used Adana airport several times but as has been said no direct flight to the UK....though i do fly there quite easily from Antalya
My husband is from Antakya and at one time we lived down there..we have often gone to İskendereun to see friends there and he has family in Adana so that's another regular stop. So i know the areas you are talking about quite well and what its like to live there permanently which you will agree is very different from a holiday visit.
Having said that İ do love places and people in Hatay.

wherever you go living further away from places where you are familiar with isn't easy to begin with and i remember from previous posts of yours that you have children of school age so im sure schooling will be your primary concern

Adana has more of a mix than Mersin when i comes to different nationalities ..there's a large community of US people living there so maybe schooling in Adana will have more to offer...although its such a big busy chaotic place it also has more to offer socially than any other place in the area.
you might be interested in this blog of an australian woman who has made Mersin her home
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Thanks all for responses it is somewhere I need to think about a lot my turkish is rubbish even after 17 years hence the reason for wanting to be able to talk to ex-pats. My health is not good also so hoping for docs that speak some english - just have to get my head down and master this language.The ironic thing is that my kids are fluent.