Living in Mersin

Probably should have joined this site a lot earlier - great info on it.

Coming up to Christmas I am surrounded by Christmas cheer but missing my friends and family back in Oz. Any other expats in Mersin let me know :(

Feeling the expat blues at the minute.

I'm sure you'll find some expats on here. Hope you manage to meet up with them and have a good xmas. I've been asking on here lately as to what people do in Alanya where I go for a few months every year. I've been thinking of coming out for some time in the winter months but think I could end up bored stiff. A bit of info is filtering through and I will take note of what's on and what's around and where to go.. Maybe you could ask the same thing of people in Mersin and find out where they go and where they meet up. And maybe you can enjoy xmas around other people living near to you. I hope you get some response as I can only imagine it can be a bit lonely if you're on your own. good luck