look at my grandson

martin, tell us what your doing, and someone will help you!!!! that's what i did, although i still struggle a bit, it's not that hard to do


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Martin, I'm so pleased you did this - I want to put some photos on and although I have actually managed it in the past I just cant figure out how I did it. I didnt want to ask how again.... feel such a numpty.
now then Martin..im selective about which threads i look at..and of course when i saw it was you and your grandson i had to have a peep....and nowt there

keep out of the pub and put up the pics


Been there,done that!!
I second what Shirleyanntr said:biggrin: come on Martin I wanna see him now!!!! Im no computer geek but if I can get there Im sure you can.
Not hijacking your thread Martin I promise you:biggrin: just decided to see if I can still do it and hey presto I did.......this is my grandaughter taken last November, love her!!!
Mo xx
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martin m

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Hi all
Thanks for the positive response, i did go to the pub, however because of the replies, and message (thank you arrian) when i have the time in the next day or so i will master it, but ive a bit of buisness first. thanks again.
for some reason i missed the rest of this thread and didnt see your pic mojive shes lovely and reminds me a lot of my daughter at that age..shes 37 now ..where do the years go