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Im a bit confused. Been reading this lady's story all afternoon and am wondering if I have missed a bit as it seems to go from episode 20 to buying furniture for a house there. How did that happen and what happened to Mehmet. Have I missed something??????? Dooooooooo tell please. Thanks:der:
Oh my god..............thats terrbile, how very sad. I loved reading about her life in Turkey. Did the accident happen there? How awful for her family.....she seemed a lovely bouncy person. So sad.

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Life is so precious
I have read all her chapters and cried out loud laughing, they were brilliant. Yes very sad, and at such a stage in her life when she had found true harmony with her life in Turkey.


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Whilst i never had the good fortune to meet Jen I used to chat on messanger with her and would phone her when my typing couldnt keep up with her
She died in Turkey, I'm not sure if the reason was established, and is buried
in Ovacik cemetary, which is as she would have wanted.
Strangely she is still on my msn I have never been able to bring myself to
delete her

RIP Mad Cow
I had been chatting to her a lot on here and she was great banter especially winding me up re being Irish. We arranged to meet up at Fethiyes Tuesday market and I thought maybe she is all front online but will be a lot more reserved in real life-not a bit! she was great craic even her attempts at my accent

Shortly after she sent a lovely pm to my wife and I again winding me up and keeping the banter going

One of those people who when you meet them you are really looking forward to when you can see them again. Sadly that wasnt to be
It is wonderful that she has left a rich legacy through her writing and people who never met her can get a sense of the person she was.Several years later people are still touched by her story, they laugh and cry with her. She lives on.


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I sense from the above recommendations that "Madcows' Stories" are not to be missed and it sounds like something that would appeal to me and hence I have mentally bookmarked this. Sad to hear of her demise however, but because of her writings, by the sounds of it she has left behind a gift for all to enjoy.

Maybe one day I will too, as my daughter is always urging me to record my experiences and stories that she has enjoyed in the telling since I arrived here many years ago. "You should write a book" she has often told me but up til now procrastination has always been my demon.

Thanks for pointing Madcows Tales out - I'm sure she would be glad to know that they are putting a smile on someone's face.
I was stuck to the laptop all yest evening, read from 1 - 14!! It's some story.
It reminds me of the Turkey I first knew in the 80's. I hope I find out in her writings how it all ends, so sad to hear of her early death, does anybody know how she died?? Seems like she'd just found contentment about that time.
What did happen with Mehment?
(I know I sound nosey and I'm not usually but Madcow's writing take you smack bang into her life)
Yes Jen died of a heart attack in January 2007. We used to have so many laughs in the chat room, she was there almost every evening and Gail, Pebble, Trevor, Sandra and others were in there too. There were a few brave chaps such as Saoirse, KKOB and RIK who would also venture in to laugh and joke with the crowd of very naughty girls. Jen was always up to some sort of mischief. I think some of her last posts were joking with me about hanging out your underwear on the washing line in Turkey. Her computer had been playing up around Christmas time and then was fixed however we were all worrried about her when she vanished for a few days. She rarely missed a night in the chat room. Anyway she was back on and then vanished again for a few days. Of course to begin with we thought it was computer trouble again but then the news of her death was so sad. Her son became a member here but I haven't seen him around for a long time. I didn't meet Jen but would have loved to, we were planning a get together for the summer of 2007. I think there were a few members who were lucky enough to meet her.
Yes Jen was a lovely person - I had the pleasure of meeting her in the December before she died - we were talking on msn the day before she died - Think it was Jan 13 th - but could be wrong !
she complained that she was feeling the cold very much and abit down - she had her own little dog but was also looking after one of my dogs for 3 months -- unfortunatley I had the very sad news just after this - also the same day my Father in law died , She did die of a heart attack according to her son -- good old Jen xx