hi all. would be grateful if we could be kept updated with the issue of management. i will provide my email address if we need to be contacted by email, otherwise will keep updated through the forum.

micky & eimer A2
Hi - As everyone in earlier posts have said - could we be kept informed of process with management situation at Sunflower many thanks - Sharon & Jeff A3

i am fairly new here........but i have had serious problem with my apartment.i have never know any management agent since i bought the flat four years ago.....the person who i bought the flat from use to manage the block and since he left no one really does........
i was approached last year when on holiday by one of the new turkish neighbour (man) who demanded money from me because he had decided to put the pool on....but when i refused and asked to see paper work he got rude......

after a few days we were robbed and the police had to be called in....
so when i came back to Uk i decided to rent out the property.

hence i asked Steven adn Carmella rental Agency to do that , but when they went in to look the found the place was flooded with sewage..

they had had it cleaned , but the insurance are refusing to pay out because they say the blockage was a cummunal problem and it is up to the neighbours to pay out......i am so stressed ....i am out next week to see for myself what has happened and to see my insurance broker..

does anyone have any advice.....if this flooding didnt happen i would be renting out now and Steven and Carmella seem really nice people...only met steven once whilst out there.he actually approached me on street and told me about his rental company....English couple...

thanks for any help and advice....

Hi All,
I opened a facebook page just for our site when it opened 4yrs ago. It proved an invaluable tool in keeping everyone up to date with what Was happening on site throughout the year, it was also a great way to meet other owners who may holiday at a different time.
May :thumbup: