Motobike Racing

Hi All, Noticed its all F1 stuff on here. Is anyone interested in Motorcycle Racing such as Motogp, or World Superbikes (wsb) Turkey even has a several time World Champion in wsb


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Yes Kenan Sofuoğlu showed everyone how it should be done for a few years. Love Motogp and WSB, also loved bikes since I was a kid and now after 10 years with a crappy scooter I have a Beemer F650 GS Dakar.


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I run a wing and a vulcan 1500 in the uk , but it is a burgervan 650 in Turkey , fully auto cvt , handbrake for parking , no flat roads around here . Lol .

As fer KS , great on the bike .

I have a 150cc scooter in Didim. Sold my Kawaski ZX10r a little while ago to fund some furnishings in Didim. Would love to buy something bigger but have only seen scooters and 125cc bikes where we are
Cheers Ibrahim, I had a quick look at the first 10 pages but nothing close enough to Didim for me. Don't want to buy anything to far away in case there are problems with it