MS Exel problem


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After suffering a bout of Activation errors as it was updated to Win7 here in Turkey earlier this year and can't complain for what I was charged and he sorts it each time for free.

But now when I open a page in Excel when I click on any cell I automatically get the drop-down list and the mouse/cursor will not move across the screen.
Coincidence maybe but my laptop keyboard stopped working properly around abut the same time, but with some keys not working, so now have a USB Turkish keyboard at least for the time being. At least I can put up with that for now that is.

If anyone can shed any light on this it will obviously be much appreciated as I have just about exhausted everything I can think of or try to resolve this situation.
Have you tried 'googling' the problem...............I put ........'open a page in Excel when I click on any cell I automatically get the drop-down list and the mouse/cursor will not move across the screen.'.................and it came up with a few answers.


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Re: MS Exel context menu problem

You didn't think I was one of those people that jumps straight in and asks a question before exploiting options do you, (yes sometimes. but not on this occasion) as a matter of interest I have spent 4 solid days trying to find the solution, of which just 10 minutes ago I found the solution but by more luck than knowledge.

Although it didn't matter but I opened a new worksheet, highlighted all of the cells and then from the Data menu selected 'Group and Outline followed by 'Clear Outline' and that has done the job. But the more annoying thing is I don't know how it started to begin with.The only problem now is that the activation request came back this evening so need to get that sorted again for the 4th time, and I do not have any KGens over here but at least I can still use it, so as you will no-doubt suggest 'time for a new computer' just that Windows 10 is putting me off with all the horror stories floating around and noway do I want a Turkish nightmare of a keyboard where lots of the keys are guesswork although once used to it it should not be a problem. So problem solved, except now every time I start typing I end up having to correct the Italics which is starting by default. but at least that's a simple enough problem and no matter if I forget.


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Maybe you already know this, but there is an open source office type suite called OpenOffice.

I find it just as good MS Office, and no activation keys required.


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Yes thanks but my activation problem is with Microsoft Windows7,
Obviously a pirate version has been installed and if he cant sort it properly i'm sure there will be some cheap genuine discs available as soon as i get back to the uk. but then again with the keyboard playing up on a very old PC and I know where I can buy another buy PC for about £125.00 including genuine Windows7. but we'll see.


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Ok back again, got the Windows activation sorted again. But the drop-down (pop-up) Context menu is now still appearing whenever I click on any cell in exel which is greatly hindering anything I want to do.


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Is it a mouse problem? Worth a shot - try clicking with left mouse button
Well once more resolved without any real explanation except as I mentioned earlier (I think) my laptop keyboard had also started playing up so am now using a Turkish USB keyboard abut just after i pressed the cursor key on the laptop the problem seems to have gone away so I need to try and find out how to completely disable the laptop keyboard as it might be conflicting.