New construction plans in Datça


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Yesim has already been demolished down to the first floor but remains open for the time being. Cennet and Cemal's will be demolished next.
Rumour has it that there will not be hotels but 600,000m2/ 60 hectares have been allocated for a private villa and large gardens.
Kanga - that's depressing. 60 hectares of more private villas is just what Datça doesn't need. Something tells me that the density will be quite high and the gardens fairly small.

I'm sorry to hear that Yeşim Bar is being demolished and that the other places along the beach will be next.

60 hectares is about 150 acres. That's quite a lot of land. I don' think the flat area of Kargi Bay can be more than 25 or 30 hectares, so presumably this new project will also be covering the hills that surround the bay.


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In the article it does say land NEAR Kargi Bay. We have been told that it is the land on the way to Kargi near the school. Time will tell!

It does also state that half of the land has been designated for private build:

By changing the status of the land from public to private, the council paved the way for residential construction on half of 56 hectares of land near the bay. Some 24 percent of the aforementioned area will be turned into parks, 21 percent will be earmarked for roads, and 3 percent will be reserved for worshipping areas, according to information obtained by daily Hürriyet.
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Well good luck to anyone building near the college. The land all along the seaward side is a thin layer of soil with a clay underpin, which is not good for drainage. In wet weather the rainwater lies for a long time. The whole area on the seaward side of the road has been zoned for development for many years, this is nothing new, and there are plans in the belediye showing roads etc in the area. At one time a small recuperation/hospital building was planned up on the hill above the bay, but apparently that plan has been abandoned as it would be too near the sea and too exposed to bad weather.
A few years ago tobacco was grown in the area but it was abandoned as the land is poor.
There are 2 large building plots behind us for sale at US $200k each, and roads are already planned.
I've spoken to a couple of people this morning about what's going on with the demolition of the Yeşim Bar.

They seem to think that the demolition of the first floor and some outbuildings is voluntary and not by order of the Belediye. It's being done to remove illegal parts of the existing construction. And once the building is 'legal' it will be possible for the owner to apply to enlarge the building. That all seems to make sense.

There seems to be no certainty about where this 56-hectare development block is. Someone suggested to me that it is the hillside to the north/east of the boat repair yard (i.e. from the boat repair yard back towards Datça), which they think is owned by a wealthy family from Istanbul. This seems very steep for building. But not impossibly steep, unfortunately!


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It would be difficult to find anything totally 'legal' along the beach!

Mavi - the area you mention was put up for sale some time ago, with planning only for pansyon, not residential.
My biggest worry is the inevitable pollution and destruction of clean sea waters. As you know, the water/sewage situation is pretty primitive to say the least. Will there be a pumping station to link sewage systems to the mains?
How will they cope with the extra demand for water?
Kanga - I agree that water pollution would be a disaster and the clean sea we have now is a joy. But the sea off Datca town beach still seems pretty clean despite the huge expansion of the town in the last few years. Maybe the same can be achieved with this new development.

Personally I'm more worried and upset about destruction of a beautiful place. As soon as you build houses (which will inevitably be the usual 2-storey concrete villas that make up the whole of Datca) all over that beautiful hillside and bay then it ceases to be the beautiful place it is now. On a permanent basis it makes Datça a less attractive and a poorer place.

I always find it puzzling that the Datça Belediye website makes unspoilt nature and landscape the USP of the town, while at the same time consuming that unspoilt landscape as fast as possible to build new holiday homes.

Mesudiye has been more intelligently developed than Datca. They have permitted only low-density development (5% at most). The result is that it's still a beautiful place.


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what are house prices like in this area?
Check the emlaks' websites. There are over 300 land agents registered in Datca. You could start with Lacin's website.

@Mavideniz: I rarely swim at Yesim and the rest of the bay there as the springs and boggy areas host terrapins, which carry ecoli. If we do swim we always shower and change immediately We also had the disgusting experience a couple of years ago of a tide of discoloured water stinking of Jeyes Fluid pouring down the stream at Yesim. When we complained to the bar they said it was a yacht. ???? Agreed that in general the sea is clear as gin, but we know too many people who have had ear infections and other bugs.
Also the sea bed where the gulets tie up is deteriorating. These bays need a reest to recover but that is unlikely.
The best place to swim in the bay is below Mandalya restaurant where there are no springs or outflows of surface water, and no houses.
The biggest problem with developing Kargikoy will be waste water management. The mains canalisation ends at the top of the hill above the restaurant. All properties beyond are on septic tanks.
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Friends and neighbours currently in Kargi from USA who have some very good contacts in Datca have sent this update after doing some research.
Hope it helps. .

We don’t have much of an update on Kargı, but we did learn that the large swath of land that was sold (and that has been a topic of discussion) is apparently not down at the bay; it is the meadow-like parcel below the tourism school, the undeveloped area on the right side of the road toward town. There is also new construction across the street from that parcel (there are 3 or 4 lots being prepped ).

As far as the bay itself is concerned, our sources tell us that new construction activity is still up in the air. Yeşim Bar’s building, as you know, has been torn down. There may be a hotel or hotels built near the waterfront adjacent to that property. As for Yeşim Bar, we hear that they’re still going to operate in some fashion during the summer. How they’re going to do that is unclear. Mesut is currently focusing his energies toward the Teras ( the restaurant that his wife Deniz runs).

That’s all we know so far.


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Mesut at Yesim restaurant, Kargi is continuing with the business. The building will now be one level and they are redeveloping the whole garden area ready for the summer season.
Kanga and Sonny Jim - thanks for the updates.
That could be good news re. the location of this new development if Kanga's friends from the USA are correct. That area near the tourism school is already pretty messed around and would be no great loss.
But it sounds to me like everyone is still in the dark about Mugla's real intentions here. Are they planning a big development or a small one? Are they intending a full-on re-development of the bay or just some smallish new hotels? These things remain unclear.


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An update on development in Kargi area.

We returned on Saturday. . . May 12th.
Along the road towards Kargi from the Turizm College, on the right hand (mountain)side there are numerous building plots with new properties already built or under construction. There is permission and planning for 100 apartments, currently but not exclusively on the mountainside.
Roughly halfway along between the 2 bus shelters is a large deep set of foundations. This will be a new Migros. I just hope they will manage their rubbish and waste. At least it's a reasonable distance from us.

On the opposite (seaward)side, where the ridge has forestry planted, there is permission to build all along there, facing towards the road. . . No plots are marked out yet.

Behind the Mandalya Restaurant is a new dirt road going up on to the mountain. This already has a large wall and a kind of 'block-house' near the top. Apparently there will be about 3 'boutique hotels' built there. Fabulous view, and thankfully, not in sight of our balcony. I would guess that eventually there will be a road right over the back into Datca.

As for the main beach area; Yesim has been part demolished but the garden and bar remain intact. . . haven't been down yet so can't give any more info. The other places, Cennet, Green Beach, etc, have a stay of execution at the momnet but we hear there is a query about licences. Knowing how things work there my bet is that they will survive another season.

We're here until the end of October so if there are any other major developments I'll post.
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Went down to the beach by Yesim yesterday afternoon for a quick look. Wish we hadn't; distance definitely lends enchantment to the view where this is concerned. Will enjoy from the balcony until things improve.

The garden is still the same but with lots of furniture and kitchen equipment piled around. The icecream fridges are filthy and covered in plastic, no new stock in yet. The ducks are still in residence though!
We asked for drinks at the bar in the garden and could only choose from beer, fanta, cola, or water, No soda or fresh juice. Reluctantly chose water and a beer, which were provided in the bottle. Asked for glasses, there were none. The guy behind the bar had a dirty bandage on one hand and the whole thing was so unappetising that we said no thanks and left.
No sunbeds on the beach yet.
Kargi Cafe next to Yesim is busy putting up his shades and welding new framework to cover his decking. He will definitely be doing beach business.

The old stone house next along is still half converted to a 'boutique hotel', but nowhere near finished. There's no electricity/water/ fittings, no windows or doors. Behind the building is framework for a long verandah or loggia, and lots of newly planted hedging and tons of topsoil going to make a garden.

Nirva is still closed and derelict.
Green Beach and Cennet are much the same as last year, still open with not much changed.

The sea was beautifully clear, clean and cold over the pebbles, at least some things don't change!

We then drove past the old Greek church and the old water pumping station. What a mess! The house there has scrap iron, broken furniture and rubbish all over the place and the road is in a bad way with just a chain link fence above the house. Depressing.
How can people let things get so bad? It cannot be healthy to live like that.