Praying for rain

On our way to a walk by the beach yesterday we got caught in a traffic jam on a deserted road in the middle of nowhere. Cars were parked both sides of what was really just a dirt track. There were somewhere between 500-1000 people gathered in a field.

We asked why, and found out they were praying for rain, as this is an agricultural area and it has been one of the driest winters for years.

Although there was an Imam reading from the Koran, Lutfiye (my wife) pointed out this was probably the same thing the people around here have done for thousands of years, all the way back to Hittites calling on the storm god to do his job.

It always surprises me how many old pagan traditions survive just below the surface in both Islam and Christianity.


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An interesting observation, and I’ve always wondered at the significance of the Eye of Osiris ? Ra? Horus? in Turkey.

And also in Christian countries … in Malta many of the little fishing boats have the Eye painted on the bow.
In Britain during 1976 we had what was considered the hottest driest summer on record. A group of Pakistani's in Ealing prayed for rain for a whole day. The next day it came in spades whilst I was working on the roof of Boots in Barking. There was so much water everywhere that I slipped and fell out of one of the windows and damaged my spine. God doesn't give everyone what they want!


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I had thought the Turks brought the nazar boncugu with them from Central Asia and that it was quite different in design and purpose from the Horus. But I would welcome more information on it - especially since i have one over the door of my house.
Well I for one pray for rain, sleet etc for Xmas day. That way it keeps the street clear of all the little barstewards with their new bikes


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I have noticed the lack of rain this year and even the mountains do not have the usual heavy snow cover. However, things can soon change.

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One of the few good ideas the Socialists ever had was to create a Minister for Drought (Denis Howell), he of course very soon got the nick-name Minister for Rain. I don't ever recall him doing a rain-dance though. He must have had some success though, because later on he became Minister for Floods.

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Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

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Hope your wrong co I've just seen a black cat walk under a ladder 13 times throwing a pinch of salt over its left shoulder... I'm doomed !!!