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turkish bulding always show price to low on the title deat becouse they dont want to pay more tax. always buy properties from who need money hurry then they can make more discount i think ..



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When i sold my house in UK i was told by all estate agents that i was £50,000 over the price limit for the road i lived in ,well I'm glad i didn't listen to them because i took £55,000 more than they thought possible and i wasn't racist i sold to a pakistan family .
I was wondering why british subjects who are of pakistani origin are called pakistanis. Or make my point precise, a man born in UK whose father was pakistani is refered as pakistani and not British by the white neighbours. In USA, if you are white,black,brown or yellow, you are regarded as American and not something else. Going back to what you said about selling your property, i can smell bull. I don't believe you.


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Sorry, but in a situation like selling a house you may not know very much about a buyer and it is reasonable to assume certain things about people based on how they look. I can generally tell a pakistani from an indian, yet I could not tell by looking at them if they had british citizenship, therefore I would refer to either as a pakistani or an indian when talking about them to a third party. Even 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation indians/pakistanis will still be heavily influenced by their respective cultures.

A good friend of mine has Jamacian parentage and despite being born in the UK and having lived here all his life he still says he is Jamaican, how can people be blamed for sometimes getting it wrong when even those who are British claim otherwise?
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