Quorn in turkey?

Hi. My daughter is about to move to turkey to live with her Turkish husband. She has travelled over there from England many times but is having trouble finding vegeterian foods. We are lucky here in GB to have quorn, Linda McCartney and supermarket own brand options. Can anyone recommend anything. :thanks:
Compared to the UK there are far fewer ready meal options here in Turkey even for non vegetarians. You can buy textured soya 'mince' here and make your own.


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Can I suggest the local fruit and veg market and a good cookery book? Not that LM ready meal rubbish, please!
Turkey is one of the best places in the world for vegetarian food.


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With the cost of meat in Turkey, vegetarian eating is a common choice. As Kanga said, one of the best countries to be a veggie, good quality, good varieties, and good prices.

Has anyone else ever split a Turkish cabbage with a friend?