Return to Turkey?

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We left Altinkum in 2006 after 3 interesting years, some excellent and some very frustrating times! We moved back to Spain again for the 2nd time and stayed a further 3 years there before moving to Bulgaria for the first time..stayed a year sold up and went back to the UK until moving back here to Bulgaria 14 months ago. Would we ever move back to Turkey?...I must admit there are a fair few things I miss about living in Turkey however with the Lira devalued so much it seems like the cost of living and property has gone up a lot since we left, another negative for us is with Turkey not being in the EU it's not possible to import goods from the UK like we can here in Bulgaria. The plus side of living in Altinkum was that there were so many British people in a fairly small area so making friends and socialising was great where as here most of us are spread out in small villages which limits your choice of friends! That said I'd never rule it out...who knows!
Re: Return?

I think if anybody was to return to Alanya and it's regions you would be hard pushed to recognise it. The new Mayor has had so much work done even on roads you'd think would always be a dirt road. Access and more for the disabled and able bodied people. They've built new parks for families etc. The coast road really looks like the Riviera out of Alanium Centrum. The verges in the middle of the carriageway is decked with oranges and lemons and Bourganvia and other colourful plants. I never thought that this could happen so rapidly. But I have to say that along with some new very majestic hotels it is quite stunning in many places. The Mayor is amazing.
And the golf course in Konakli is just waiting for a buyer to manage it. Once that's been fulfilled then the other 5 are going to be built. I can only see a very good outcome for all in the Alanya regions. The tourists are dripping back in and it would seem so are buyers.