S/S Sink for sale


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In Dalaman,

Stainless steel sink and tap with all fittings for sale 50 TL. Beat-up wooden counter-top with suitable cut-out available for free with sink if wanted. Otherwise helps to heat my house this winter.

Buyer collects, or can drop off in Dalaman.
Oh Spike, I just can't decide, it's tempting I grant you that, esp with Xmas coming up and wifey wanting something different this year

Tell me does it come with a sink-plug?

This is a deal breaker


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Well if you were willing to throw in a few used brillo pads I would be very interested ..I have plenty of plugs so I am as demanding as the other bidder.
This is REALLY annoying

No one was interested then when I try to close the deal in comes under cutter Sleepy.

Ffs what would you Skintown people do with a sink-this is for water INSIDE a house!!!


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I must say I am well I impressed with Spikes tools (TAP PHOTO) they all seem to have a designated location at his work bench. My tools, a spanner and one screwdriver are in a drawer with a few plugs and used batteries.
SPIKE ignore the bloke from Belfast he is not a serious bidder..
You have some neck Sleepy
If you get this item it will go the same way as all sinks baths etc do in rural Ireland -it will have a rag stuffed in the plughole , dumped in the middle of a field and it will then become an unsightly blot on the Irish landscape as a drinking trough for cattle n sheep