Thanks Shirleyann and Bev and Steve


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I have been using this forum for several years - i'm not one of the most active posters or thread starters but dip in most days for a look around. We got back from Turkey last week and before we went and whilst we were there I asked for some help and advice. Before we went I needed to get a medical certificate translated for my son who was coming with us - Shirleyanntr got in touch and very kindly translated it for us - it meant we could travel with peace of mind. Thank you Shirleyanntr.

My daughter was coming out for the second week and was supposed to bring some 21st birthday stuff so we could have a surprise party for my son -she forgot!! Due to various circumstances it was the last time we would be together as a family before his actual birthday on 12th June. I asked the forum if there was anywhere I could buy some in Didim and a guy called Steve contacted me and said he was coming out later that week and would bring some which he and his wife Bev did. Thank you Steve and Bev - Sam had a lovely surprise party .

There are some really kind people on this forum


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Sarah Thanks you very much for your kind words. It was nothing really, we were glad we were in a position to help. We are pleased he enjoyed him self. Regards steve and bev.