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Hi, I have just joined Tlf and thought some ne may be able to provide information regarding travelling from Fethiye to Altinkum by bus.
I enquire date the bus station in Fethiye and was informed there are a number of serves, departing daily to Aydin, but I understand if I travelled to Aydin I would then have to back track to Altnkum.
Does anyone know if there direct departures from Fethiye to Altinkum, (If so the bus company name and departure times). Would it be better if I caught a bus from Fethiye to Dalaman, or some other centre and changed there for a bus t Altinkum.
Do bus services go into Altinkum or do I have to alight in Didim and catch a local bus from there.

Any information appreciate

AS far as I know you either travel via Aydin, or in the summer months via Bodrum, we have done it both ways, but will be doing this trip again in May and will use Parmakale to Aydin then Didim Seyhat into Altinkum

It's a nice relaxed journey of about 6hrs.
The smaller bus from Aydin not so comfortable,
but bearable.
Once it gets to Didim it then goes down the hill
to Altinkum front before heading to Didim otogar,
so no need to change onto a dolmus.


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Hello Sharon,
Thanks for your message. I will probably be travelling on April 7th, so looks like it will be via Aydin.



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Hi ColCol

Thanks for your message, any idea how frequently services run from Aydin and how long they take to reach Altinkum
Does the bus to Altinkum depart from the same otogar in Aydin that I will arrive in when travelling from Fethiye or will I have to transfer to a different otogar ?

Hi Bary,

the buses at Aydin are all in the same area, you get off the Feithey bus, and you will see across to your left the smaller buses and they will all be calling out assorted towns. The straight through bus runs hourly, so you might be quicker getting the bus to Soke and then transfer onto the Altinkum bus, the buses pull in opposite each other, and the Aydin-Altinkum bus takes about 2 hours, the guys at the bus station all speak some English so you wont have any problems,



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Hi Sharon,
Thanks for the additional information, looks like an all day trip.
Oh well., not to worry at least I can view the scenery.



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The busses normally start from near the exit to the bus station and usually have Didim Seyahat or Soke Seyahat on their sides.

The Didim ones start on the top of the hour.
Hi Tommie, thanks for your comments, I will try to arrive in Aydin before the hour, depending upon the departure times from Fethiye

Hi Sarah,

No, I am just visiting Altinkum, at this stage, with a view to either renting, for a period, or purchasing. All rather vague until I get an idea of what is available.
Do you reside there full time and if so how long have you lived there.
I am currently in Fethiye but think I may prefer else where, hence my visit to Altinkkum /Akbuk
Some other helpful members have answared your questions to me.
I also used to have an apt and lived in Fethiye, just about all the year for 4 yrs.
Also went on a 'search' trip to Didim/Altinkum 2 yrs ago when I sold the fethiye apt, mainly because people told me how much I would hate Didim area. I prefer to make my own mind up, but I have to say, and this was off season, when I got there, I did not like it all, compared to stunning Fethiye. But.....on the return to Fethiye, I weighed up the advantages and disadvantages for me, and Didim won. That same week i returned & purchased my little apt. Ok, now I only stay 6 months each year and I hope to have even less time from next year, I miss (can you believe) London far too much.
In general, I and many will fully back me up, Didim/Altinkum and the area has everything you could want and at better prices than Fethiye, I thnk it's a good choice, so enjoy your 'search' trip and good luck


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And we have visited Colcol's place and it is extremely good value - away from the crowded areas in a more traditional area but close enough to get anywhere in Didim / Altinkum - a very good move :)
Thanks Ian.
Hope both you and the lovely Gill, and myself,
get a chance to catch up in either Didim or Fethiye
this summer.
Returning next month, where has time gone!! and will
get back to you both soon.
Hi ColCol,

Thanks for your comments, I agree Fethiye is nice, but not sure it is for me, so like yourself I thought it might be worth exploring other areas, no point buying some where were I am not fully content.