Travels in Turkey - Part 20


Hi Navan!
Please give the kids some money to go to McD'S![8D]
i am not going to tell you the end because it hasn't happened yet.........I shall take you on an emotional roller coaster with the next fella who I was with for six years :DOne thing, I don't give up easily..........................
In preparation for the next thralling installments, perhaps you should invest in a temporary nanny or housekeeper? even stock up on TV meals?:D[}:)][8D]


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Bora da
I will say yes if and I mean if you will come and visit us up in the big I some day and have a drink by the bosphorus.

By the way I was brought up in the mountains of snowdonia in a village called Rhiwlas near LLanberis.

noss da



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Wow, I can't believe you are one of us Steve, tell you what we will do, when we come over in April we will have a stop over in Istanbul and we can all go out for drinks and eats and that's a promise, hubby and I haven't been there yet! (Our friend is from the Bosphorous, we call him the bull from the Bosphorous)!!

I'm from Wrexham Steve and Gary (hubby)has dragged me and the kids up that bloody mountain, I didn't go to the top as I am trashed of heights but the kids did!! The bonus was we had fish and chips in Llanberis when we were all back down:)



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Well I used to speak welsh fluently but we moved away from there when I was ten and you be surprised what you forget in 25 years. I can count and remember a few other words but thats it. But I went back there a couple of years ago and turned the tables on the welsh when they see you are english and speak in welsh. happened in a couple of places so I returned the favor by speaking in Turkish to my wife.
Look forward to seeing you in april then and anyone else who decides to visit the big I.
By the way Turkey got the nod of approval for the EU today so that means there will be a lot of happy people in Turkey tonight.



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Dont anyone ever say I talk too much compared to Jen I'm a mute!!!!! Dare'nt start reading the Epic Saga in case I get hooked but she sure deserves that star Mushtaq!! Wow I bet she's burnt out a few keyboards since I was away in Altinky??????

Love & Peace to All

Keep the Faith


Gail I throw down the guantlet to you:D
Turkish computers are full of gremlins.Mushtaq will tell you I painstakingly bashed away for three hours on wednesday evening, only to lose the lot when the system crashed!:(We then decided I would write it at home and save it to disk.Great, but the sodding computer won't let me save it![8D]You want blood my girl :D[}:)][8D]
Hi Jenni,
This is Tracey (Mick's wife.) I have been reading your stories for the last couple of weeks (whenever I have had any spare time), and like the others I have been completely hooked. I was gutted today after reading no. 20 and realising it was the last one you have done! I can't wait to read the rest! I agree with the others, you should definately consider writing a book! Hope you don't keep us waiting for much longer!:D


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Hey Steve

You're not interested in the goat, you want number 21 don't you and you're too embarrassed to say. lol[:0]

Come on Steve, admit it;);)


PS. Jenni, where are you?:(


Jenni has computer problems, but she has hand written part 21, I think she might get things sorted out after Ramadan.....

So we will have to wait..

can somebody please answer the question: is there an instalment 21 or not?????? and if there isn't, is there anything inbetween no 20 and then the next set of tales, Moving On part 1?? it's really frustrating having read so much, 1-20, and then not knowing what she is talking about in the Moving On stories! please, anyone???!!!!