Wanted: Eames Lounge Chair


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Long shot, but if anyone has one they want to convert to cash, I am buying. Must be in leather and located within a few hours drive of Fethiye.

For those who want to know what it is:

[ame=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eames_Lounge_Chair]Eames Lounge Chair - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]



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Last week I would not have known but they had one on the Antiques Roadshow last weekend and it looked very comfortable.
Ian, I may be the only person on here who has made a 670/671. All be it 30 years ago.

Originals can still be purchased new and previously enjoyed but they are around the £3,000 mark. You will find loads of Italian repros on ebay.co.uk at a tenth of that; as the design is so old the copying restrictions have lapsed. One of the importers is Scott Howard, about 100m from me. Or try looking on ebay.it.

eames - Offerte eames, Casa, Arredamento e Bricolage, Arte e Antiquariato su eBay.it

Although on the Italian site they are about 3 times the price of the repros in the UK; but easier to ship.
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That is great information, thanks: is that in UK?

I have found a supplier in Turkey that sells them at 1500TL. So now I know they are here I will look for a resale or, if necessary, buy a new one.

This site is another Turkish supplier, but not sure of their prices yet.

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Hi Ian,

On ebay UK the repros; some say knock offs, can be had for £300 ish new. More for the same thing on ebay Italy. I presume the Turkish ones are of the a similar quality as the european repros; possibly even made there. Two things to watch for are leather quality and the correct base configuration for 670 and 671. Haggle hard.


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Coming back to this, I have now decided to buy! Slow burn purchase!

Had a short dalliance with an Ikea recliner, but it was a poor second choice, and I have given it away this week.

Eames Chairs are now in the 5000TL range, but more likely nearer 6000TL. This is the new price in Turkey. I have been looking at imports, but can´t find a supplier who will do it at a reasonable cost.

Unfortunately no supplier in the Mugla region - nearest is Denizli, which is also the most expensive.

So, having bitten the bullet, has anyone got one for sale, or know of one in Turkey?


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After a blind alley of trying to import a chair from UK/EU, decided to go for a restoration project. Found an old Eames style chair that needs repairs at a good price. All the bits are there, but some work needed, hence this post.

I need very skilled furniture restorer to repair some missing laminate on a curved surface. Also, although some parts are recovered, I need someone to "paint" /dye the leather to match across the chair and footstool.

I am looking for something equivalent to a Guild of Master Craftsmen for furniture repair. Is there such a thing in Turkey.

On the leather colouring, this is less complicated, and I know franchises like ChemDry (not in this area) do it. Any recommendations?