Ways of keeping Pebbles Dream Alive

Just to let you know that Nev our webman extraordinaire is away on holiday and (Rainbow) Soo,s article re her fountain and pictures will be uploaded to Pebbles site on his return.

Whilst writing dont forget the summer is now upon us and see if you can find room in your luggage for a few stationery gifts for the Bodrum appeal.
As you know there are various drop off points listed on this thread as well as Carol at Crescent Homes in Altinkum.
Keep this marvellous project going as it was the wish of a lovely lady who contributed so much on TLF before her untimely death from cancer in September 2009.
Sorry for the long break without any updates
Soo,s pictures and article regarding her memorial garden pebble fountain are now on
It was a marvellous undertaking by Soo (Rainbow) and husband Chris in memory of Pebble Jackson.

Now we are into the high summer season for holiday visits to Turkey,try to find room for a little stationery donation towards the Bodrum shoebox appeal as part of Pebble,s project.
You can see from her website that the project has gone from book donation and a port party to the idea of putting stationery such as pens,pencils,rulers,crayons etc etc in a shoebox.
Any new ideas are very welcome.
A gang of us have been running it since Pebbles death in 2009 and we have had marvellous support but new suggestions for fundraising to help the Turkish schoolchildren are always necessary to keep the spark going.
Its important to keep it fresh in peoples minds on here and we have a great following on Facebook too.
Basically you can either contribute to the fund for projects via the TLF donation area OR do specific things such as giving stationery etc.
Any money raised or things donated end up at a nominated school in Turkey which could benefit from our support.
Have a look at some of the school pictures on her site to see how rewarding this project is and the joy on the childrens faces as well as the teachers.

Have a great Summer and DONT FORGET
Hi folks
I have been in contact with Gail who is handling the Shoebox appeal on behalf of Pebbles project.
She says there has been very little contribution this year 2011 compared with last and we are both concerned that the whole project will fade away.

It has been very successful up until now but its difficult to have to rely on the generosity of the same hardcore of members each year.
The project needs to develop and be fed with new ideas for raising funds or contributing stationery personally.

Pebbles website is at

so perhaps have a look at what we have achieved so far and think about any support you can give us.

A very enthusiastic group of Pebbles friends started this following her death 2 years ago this next month and we want to keep the project going.

Many of you didnt know Pebble but have a look in this subforum and her website to bring you up to speed.

Its a very worthwhile cause.

Contact me UK or Gail (Turkey) for any info.

The TITLE of this thread says it all really!!!