weather in mersin and surrounding area


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Well the last 24 hours was in one way the most spectacular storm and rainfall ive seen for many many years but it also has to be the worst for my area.

Electric supply in and surrounding villages in mersin was off for most of the day, and flooding was devasting. On 2 occasions during the day i had to venture out as my dogs still needed to go the toilet, but this was a mammoth task in driving rain, winds roaring sea, etc i may as well have gone out in my swimming costume as many of the roads had became deep rivers.

This morning i ventured out after the storm, to see much devastation around me, roads crumbled, shops and homes flooded, agricultaral land destroyed, etc to much to take in. And yet, the sea is still have that eery affect on me lashing at the banks of sand and walls. I hear at least 3 people have died and i suppose as the day continues more stories will surface.

I understand heavy rainfall was predicted for whole of Turkey but i never expected this.

How did the rest of Turkey do the last 24 hours with weather?

Now the clearing up begins.
Last night was windy and cold, but no rain; this morning is bright and sunny but still with a cold wind. There are several tankers sheltering in the bay, always a sign of bad weather.


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As with most countries daily weather is broadcast on tv and radio, on this occasion yes we were told heavy rain was coming but unfortunatey no one predicted the force it would come down. After a very long and dry summer the land was very hard and dry. Drains in Turkey are too small to accommodate the flow of water, blocked drains etc

The only thing that was done right if you could say that.... is the electric company pulled the plug on electric supply until the storm passed. A long wait..
But better than having my appliances blowing everytime the electric switched on and off.

Clearing up is now taking place, and everyone is helping each other. My heart goes out to all these farmers who have worked so hard all year to grow crops ruined by the rain, and once again find themselves wondering how they are going to pay for there next meal..

The turkish government provided lots of financial aid in Van for the earthquake people but what about aid for these people whowork the land and rely on this income.
So sorry to hear about people dying in these conditions.

The weather here was fair all day yesterday, cool out of the sun and a little windy at times - but nothing like you had to put up with

Take care
The storm was well forcast for several days beforehand on the BBC websight, and for last Thurs. it was spot-on, a big yellow/green blob right over Manavgat/Alanya and further west and, WOW....did it belt down for an hour.

Visibility was down to 100mtrs and wind was blowing it horizontly, but haven't heard of any damage here in Konakli apart from a few flooded aptms.