Welcome - but how did you get here?

How did you find out about this site?

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Welcome to all new members, we seem to have new members joining on a daily basis, which is great, more the merrier :D

But, I would like to know how you found us [?], so come on everyone please take a minute and tell me how you found out about the forum :)
My parents bought a villa in altinkum so I was checking out sites on Turkey through google and this site came up. It is very useful so thanks to all.


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Hi Dee1979 and welcome to the forum. I can see you have already contributed to the flights section, thank you ;) I hope you enjoy the forum.

Gail :)


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Told by another forum if i wanted to post idle postings that had no relevants to go to Degaylian but as it was **** down I had an email to come to here from an UK person admin who seem to have my email address that was taken from another forum site.




Dippey that must have been me, as I had created and maintained Degalyian forum for couple of years before it was shut down by Garry who was the forum owner.

I invited the old members to join this forum if they wished to meet with people who had an interest in Turkey.


I think Garry had a few drinks on behalf of the members, he did offer to return fees to anyone who asked (I didn't ask or receive anything for my work)


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i used to be a member of degalyian ages ago, i did not rejoin when gary introduced the fee, not because it was expensive at a fiver, but because i thought the content of the forum was becoming too clicky between certain members. this forum i found through a search engine ... google i think, and is is the best forum on the market in my opinion, it always seems to get back on track whenever certain people try to screw things up .... well done to mushtaq and the moderators for "policing" it so well" ... steve