Welcome - but how did you get here?

How did you find out about this site?

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salam alaikum

how is everybody?

this year I decided to take a holiday to North Cyprus. When I was there I saw a lot of property developments going on. So I started researching into the property market in North Cyprus. I was close to buying something there, but then started having second thoughts about it e.g. high risk/possible land disputes between greeks and turks. so I dropped that idea. Then a friend suggested I look into Turkey. So I ended up buying an apartment in Istanbul. Started googling Turkey property forums, and ended up here :)
Welcome Ahmed. If I may say so I think you made a wise decision in avoiding possible pitfalls with title deed issues in the TRNC. I hope to see more of your posts soon.
Hey, So i found this website a while ago when finding out information about residence permits on google. İve being living in Muğla for 6 months now with my husband and joined the website to find expats or english speaking people to communicate with and/or make friends! (its definitely getting lonely out here!)
- Alexandra.