Welcome To Mersin Forum


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Hi my name is Jacqui and live in the Mersin area. I hope to offer information over the coming weeks for those who visit or wish to live in this part of Turkey, Those that wish to add any information that is of help to others please feel free to do so.

I will prepare threads for visas, (where to go and what to do ), places to visit, shopping etc,

Unfortunately we are a little behind in this area as it is not a big xpat area for english people, but im sure this will change over the next couple of years as Adana is already under big changes, and Mersin and surrounding villages, who are trying to welcome overseas visitors.

I came to Mersin 3 years ago and basically had to guide the government, polis etc in improving there systems, so now the system here is much easier than what i encountered.

Look forward to hearing from other forum members on non members in this area.


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Thanks for starting this thread. Look forward to lots of posts and interesting information on the area. I hope to visit this part of Turkey some day soon.