Yonetim Association Rules

Hi, there are many management companies setting up in Alanya and they are taking care of blocks. Or taking care of the bank account and all monies therein ! I would like to know where I can get a set of legal rules etc.. e.g how a members committee should be set up. How many minimum members ? what are the duties of Chairman, treasurer, and ordinary members ... as we have a chairman who thinks that He is in total charge and no matter who has majority votes He says that what He says is final and counts no matter what?
This all sounds a little strange to me and no one is coming forward with any rules that we must abide by ? I know yonetim associations are a relatively new thing and government did bring a law that the assiciation to a block with more that eight apartments is compulsary. However these assiciations are being abused now and I have no rules/laws to refer to and the management company are being awkward about giving any information. I just need to know the rules of how a committee should operate in Turkey and the laws around it. I know this may be complex but even a basic set of rules would be fantastic for a start ? Can anyone help ?


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The management plan that was originally set up is available from the TAPU office you will need to take your TAPU with you to obtain a copy. There are several threads on here regarding property management etc and the Condominium Law lays down rules. There are many people on here who are very knowledgeable and will help you more I am sure.

Sadly many abuse the system and ignore the law. We have a place In Tomur Alanya and we are in the process of court action because a few owners and a couple of property management companies (Liberal Sun & Skandinavien Home Services) have lied and cheated and have now increased the price in an attempt to get the Turkish residents out of the complex. We now have no caretaker which is good as we did not really need one it is a very small complex with only a pool and a lift and a very small garden which is mostly paved. No owners have ever had any legally audited accounts since the complex was built over 6 years ago.

I know exactly how you feel I have been shouted at, threatened and sworn at by what are supposed to be fully grown men it is awful. Some people will do anything for money and power.

Good luck!